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2224 S. Kinnickinnic ave
milwaukee, wi 53207


Featuring the work of over 100 independent designers from around the United States.  Carrying everything from printed tees for men and women and kids, ties, jewelry, soaps and candles, handbags, accessories, gifts, art and so much more. 


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Featured Artist of the Week: Urbal Tea

Sparrow Collective

Urbal Tea, from Milwaukee, transpired out of curiosity and open-mindedness.  One morning, back in the spring of 2011, Nick Nowaczyk awoke with a sore throat and a heavy chest.  He thought about running out to the store to pick up some cough syrup and drops.  Instead, he decided to grab his laptop and explore natural remedies and old wise woman traditions.  A few hours later he was still researching and was completely enthralled in what he discovered.  That night he went to his local health store and purchased a few herbs he had read about to help his ailment.

Peach Rooibos, 3oz bag, 20+ servings.  $10.  It's red in color and heavenly sweet with hints of peach.

That day was the start of Nick's journey.  He grew up in the Midwest, and much of his interest in plants and nature came from his parents.  His parents would take him and his siblings up north almost every weekend in the summer.  They would often pick blackberries, morals, and other fruit and berries.  They were taught at a very young age to respect nature and all living things.  Other activities he'll never forget include making maple syrup and sauerkraut.  His family is very passionate about fermented foods like canning tomatoes and cucumbers.  Nick's life experiences directly impacted his desire to use what nature gives us to heal, refresh and preserve the youth of our bodies and minds.

Cran Apple Detox 3.5oz blend that has 20+ servings.  $13.  A super detoxifying blend with the sweet tart taste of cranberry, highlighted by a burst of fresh picked apples.

In the fall of 2011 Nick became an apprentice under an herbalist in Madison, Wi.  He studied herbalism for over a year with the intention to grow spiritually and mentally.  He learned to challenge collective reality and beliefs.  Nick says that there continues to be a fundamental ideology based on the notion that medicine through research, trial and error is the way we heal ourselves.  Scientific tradition is the norm in western society but other traditions like Holistic healing have a much longer history of practice.  Holisitic tradition focuses on the individual and the simplicity of nourishing the body with fresh and local foods.  Nick believes that the body was designed to heal itself through the gifts of Mother Nature.  Sometimes illness needs to view more as a manifestation of growth and not a mark of shame.  Herbalism encompasses uniqueness and wholeness.  Herbalism is the intimate relationships between the human, plant and planet.  

After Dinner wellness blend is 3oz that makes 20+ servings.  $10.   A warm depth of ginger, mint with a sweet tone of licorice.  This blend assists with digestion and is perfect 20 minutes after any meal.  

Urbal Tea is about nourishing the body through the benefits of herbs.  All of their teas are specially formulated with positive energy and loving change.  All of the herbs within the teas are of the highest quality and picked with care and compassion for the plant.  All of the teas contain numerous nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.  Also, every herb contains specific constituents to aid and heal the body.  There is no end to the wonders of herbs and Nick will continue to educate and promote their herbal teas to everyone.  He hopes that his brand of herbal teas will touch the lives of everyone. 

Urbal Teal has many different blends that are of the highest quality and and are picked with care and respect to the plant.  Prices range from $5.60 for the 0.6oz size, $10 for the 3oz size, and $13 for the 3.5oz size.

Nick says, "For anyone looking to create I suggest you go for it and never doubt your instincts and passion for what you do."