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2224 S. Kinnickinnic ave
milwaukee, wi 53207


Featuring the work of over 100 independent designers from around the United States.  Carrying everything from printed tees for men and women and kids, ties, jewelry, soaps and candles, handbags, accessories, gifts, art and so much more. 


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Interior Inspiration ~ Spruce Up Your Home!

Sparrow Collective

The clocks have been set back, the days are shorter, and we are all cuddling up inside a little longer these days. With more time spent inside, why not do a little redecorating, relighting, and rearranging?

Coming up with inspiration for your humble abode can be both exciting and stressful, with every step providing the potential to either inspire or overwhelm your senses. So, before you head out to pick up some awesome new items or search for inspiration, remember these tips...

Narrow it down

The first thing to do is to pick which part of the house most desperately needs a little sprucing. Changing up your bedroom? Then ask yourself what kind of atmosphere you want to evoke. Are you looking to create a peaceful, serene environment? Think of what colors and scents calm you and incorporate those. 

Alternatively, you may just want a space to make sure you wake up, fresh, focused and ready for a new day. Pick up items that aid in your organization and help de-clutter the space. 

Utilize your memory

If it's the calm life you're looking for, then think of  experiences, sights and smells that have made you feel most calm. It could be as simple as the smell of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Smell is a very powerful and can invoke positive or negative memories. Look for a candle that instantly makes you smile when taking a sniff! 

Think of ways you can bring not only the aesthetic of that memory into your room, and monopolize on all possible senses. Try to define in your head (or on paper!) the way that experience feels to touch, to smell, to taste.

Think outside of the box

Be careful not to limit yourself, however, purely to experience. Engage with modern day trends, materials, and art that inspire your space.  Look for inspiration in magazines, on Pinterest, and of course on our website! What colors, patterns, textures resonate with you and what do not? 

Mix colors, patterns, and prints to create a home that is dynamic and unique. Also, it's always fun to find that one item that is so different, it is basically a conversation starter. Don't be afraid to pick up a statement item for  your new design!